March 31, 2013

Vijaya Samvatsara 2013-14 Panchangam

Sri Vijaya nama samvathsara begins on 11 April 2013. Panchangam for the year 2013-14 including Panchanga Shravana is hosted here. You may download the Panchanga for your Personal / Domestic use only. For hard copies and reproduction kindly contact us; snrao(at)  Click here to download Vijaya Samvatsara 2013-14 Panchangam
Also available Panchangam in  Vijaya Samvatsara 2013-14 Panchangam Tamil ,  Vijaya Samvatsara 2013-14 Panchangam Kannada and Vijaya Samvatsara 2013-14 Thanjavur Panchangam (Tamil) 

Puri Jagannatha

Puri Jagannatha, the lord of the Universe will have abhisheka with 108 vessels on Jyeshta Pournami day every year. Subsequently, the next 15 days there will be no darshan of the main deity. It is believed that during the 15 days, the Lord is canvalescing from the fever acquired due to the annual abhisheka.